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The Sanctuary of Bull Valley

Woodstock, Illinois

The Sanctuary of Bull Valley, located in Woodstock, Illinois, was developed as a conservation design subdivision. This 300-acre planned unit  development site is a direct water recharge source for the delicate nearby Boon Creek Fen. The principles of traditional and environmental design balanced the protection of the environment while meeting the demands of the development and future residents.

Over 150 acres of natural areas were set aside and a resident handbook, which takes into consideration the protection of kames, kettles, wetlands, and woodlands, was established to facilitate best management practices. It outlines the long-term stewardship plan for the Sanctuary of Bull Valley and provides a guideline for future protection, maintenance, management, and monitoring for the care of the natural areas. 

CLS carries on and builds upon the original ecological goals of the site. Our well-equipped biologists and ecologists increased the acreage of restoration to extend to the property boundaries and continuously improve the natural areas.

CLS performs prescribed burning, invasive species control, native seed collection and distribution, and reforestation planting for woodland, savannas, prairies, and wetlands. CLS manages and monitors the sites’ total ecological health and conducts regular frog, bluebird, butterfly, and dragonfly monitoring sessions. CLS also hosts volunteer days and educational seminars to the residents and neighbors.

The Sanctuary of Bull Valley was awarded the 2005 Conservation and Native Landscaping Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness for its development and maintenance of its natural communities.